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Jane’s Blog: family, Sugar Free Farm, cruising and my new album!

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I cooked Christmas dinner for 12 people with Ed of course. It turned out to be a fabulous day. (Ed is my secret weapon, he’s a great cook).

It was lovely to have all the family under one roof and I’m grateful to have them all.
I did have three days where I ate and drank with everyone else but to be honest I’m glad to be back on my sugar free way of life.

It’s been really interesting watching “Sugar Free Farm” for the past few weeks. Gemma Collins is in my bedroom! I would love to be back there on the farm and learn a bit more, especially the recipes. Even Ed has said he’d love to go as well. It really has changed the way we eat.


Hope everyone is getting ready for “Cruising with Jane McDonald” channel 5 are advertising it but I don’t know when it’s on.

I’m also busy working on the new album which is so exciting. We finished another song yesterday. It’s a really laid back summer feel song which has been written by Steve Cooper and myself. Steve Cooper is the guitarist in my band and co wrote “I’ll be there”.

This album is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. It’s all songs written by me so it’s taking a lot of love and care to make it perfect. I’m bursting with excitement working on it.

Making Memories 2016

Looking forward to seeing you all on the extended Making Memories tour. The band, crew and I can’t wait to get back on the road again.
Lots of love Jane. Xxx


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