Latest Album – ‘Let the Light In’

My latest album – ‘Let the Light In’ is out now and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. The album is packed full of new tracks and fan favourites, including a new version of ‘The Hand that Leads Me’.

I wrote the new tracks in 2020, when, like everyone else, I was forced to stop and stay at home. With so much time on my hands I dusted off my piano and became inspired to write some brand new songs, something which I had done in a while. These new songs have already become fan favourites!

Latest Album Let The Light In

The album has the same fantastic energy that anyone who has seen me live will have experienced. ‘Let the Light In’ is packed full of brand new tracks and is the best album I have ever recorded,

Latest Album Let The Light In

I recorded ‘Let the Light In’ with my own band and backing singers so it really does retain that magical ‘live’ feel you’ll know if you’ve been to my concerts. As you know, I’m very close to my band and we’ve been together for many years now. Recording the album with them made it all the more special. When you listen I think you’ll agree!

I won’t be touring next year as I’ll be busy filming some new projects for TV. But if you do want to hear me perform, this album is the best way to do that. You can click here to have a listen to the album.

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